9 reasons why digital printing is right for your business

Digital printing is the most modern and versatile way of printing – just what your business needs.

Digital printing differs from conventional printing in many ways, several of which help to cut down your costs.

But what is digital printing and what are its advantages?

1. Speed. With no need for printing plates to be set up, digital printing allows for a quick turnaround on orders, allowing businesses to print on demand.

HP 20000 Digital print press

2. Small. Digital printing is great for small run jobs, or medium, or large…

HP 20000 Digital print press

3. Cost-saving. Images are sent directly to the team digitally, eliminating the need for a printing plate, saving time and money.


4. Individual. Personalisation and variable data mean that every single design in a single print run can be different, allowing for personalisation, which are ideal for direct marketing campaigns, or simply an entire range of products printed in one go.

Special Print Effects

5. Quality. The quality of digital printing has improved dramatically over recent years – and we have the best in the business. Our HP Indigo 20000 digital printing press is the best digital printer for flexible packaging. Plus, it is the only digital colour printing process that matches photogravure quality and is safe for primary food packaging. And with plastic-free compostable packaging now mainstream, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Digital print products

6. Versatility. However many designs you need, however many you need printing, it can be done without fuss. HP Indigo printers have the largest media range, enabling printing on over 3,000 certified substrates, producing nearly any packaging application, from sachets to quad bags, shrink sleeves to insulated bags, lidding film to pouches, and vertical form fill and seal and horizontal flow wrap – versatility is at its core.

interactive packaging

7. Connect with your customers. Our Smartflow system is a one-of-a-kind, digital workflow that can help brands link consumer’s digital interactions with real-life packaging and products. Turn your packaging into an interactive experience – get customers engaged with the wow factor.

3D visualisation

8. Mock-ups. Our onsite technical lab can help you create mock-ups to help you visualise and create the perfect packaging for your product. Our technical equipment can allow you to trial your product, allowing you to experiment with different formats and designs. Our dedicated design team can support you with 3D visualisation to visualise product designs and abstract ideas.

Digital design team

9. We’re here for you. With an end-to-end capability for the design and production of high-quality flexible packaging, Ultimate Packaging is an approved supplier to all of the UK’s food retailers and many major brands. Call for a no-obligation chat.