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Cheesies: the no-carb cheesy snack that’s too Gouda to be true!

We’ve all heard the saying, “No carbs before Marbs” – and the dangers of snacking.

A new brand snack has just the answer – filling a huge gap in the market with the help of Ultimate Digital and satisfying our cravings too!

Cheesies – simply crunchy popped cheese – have absolutely zero carbohydrates in them!

Yes, you read that right – zero, nothing, zilch, nadda.

And as if that wasn’t heaven in a little bag, Cheesies are high in protein for gym bunnies, gluten-free, vegetarian and around 110 calories per portion – about the same as a bag of popcorn.

Cheesies are simply little cubes of cheese that are quickly dried and baked, to create a crunchy snack packed full of cheesiness.

And we at Ultimate Digital have been delighted to help the company behind Cheesies get their brand to market.

David Folkman, CEO of Simply FMCG Ltd, the company behind Cheesies, said: “The brand was developed to meet a gap in the market for a no-carbohydrate snack.

“There’s a growing trend to move away from carb-heavy food, to a more balanced diet less reliant on bread, pasta, potatoes and food with a high carb content.

“The majority of snacks are carb based, such as crisps, popcorn or snacking bars. So, it’s pretty hard to be on a low-carb diet and snack.

“The idea for a popped cheese snack came from seeing similar products in the USA.”

“We needed a packaging supplier who could turn around a finished product quickly”

The theory behind the low-carb diet is that decreasing carbs lowers insulin levels, which causes the body to burn stored fat for energy and ultimately leads to weight loss.

However, David says that while the brand was developed to meet a need for a low-carb snack, the result is so moreish that it will appeal to everyone, with plans to take it into the major supermarkets and pub and bars, as they are perfect with a glass of wine or beer.

Finding a manufacturer in the Netherlands, the firm approached Ultimate Digital because, as David says, they needed “a packaging supplier who could turn around a finished product quickly”.

And because of the way Ultimate Digital works, it was perfect for this launch product.

Ultimate Digital’s print capabilities allow businesses like Cheesies to change designs at no extra cost. Digital printing does not use any plates, meaning that design changes can be made as often as the brand would like, which makes the process pain-free and cost-free.

All three flavours – Gouda, Emmental and Cheddar – and their colour-popping packaging could be printed in one print run on our HP 20000 digital press, with the precision of the HP inks really making the vibrant packaging stand out.

“I had previously met with Ultimate Digital to discuss another project and was impressed by the customer service, professionalism and creative attitude to meet clients’ needs,” said David.

“And pricing is competitive versus some other quotes I was provided for Cheesies packaging.”

Ultimate Digital is proud to be working with Simply FMCG Ltd and we can’t wait to see this flavour-popping product take off even more.

If you are a new or small/medium brand looking for a cost-effective way to print premium packaging across a number of designs, or to work up a design to test the market on a new product, get in touch today to get a quote.

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