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The life-changing injury that led to the launch of Brainworks

The inspiration behind the launch of a product can be a eureka moment, inspiration or the spotting of a gap in the market.

It can also come from something much more profound and life-changing.

Like Paul Spence’s story.

His story began at Easter 2012 when, unprovoked, he was attacked in a Hull pub with such force that he was left fighting for his life.

Punched so hard with a single blow, he hit the floor with such an impact that his brain moved in his skull, causing a bleed on the brain and frontal lobe damage.

It would change his life forever.

Struggling to cope with the aftermath of the injury, he lost his job as an electrician, lost his relationship and inevitably fell into depression.

But, with support, he started to turn a small corner, beginning with a simple exercise routine that progressed and developed until his physical health improved.

That, then, gave him the impetus to look at how he could help his brain to recover.

Focusing on nutrition, he actively sought out new ingredients and combinations to support brain health. Realising they were working, he worked with a nutritionist to create a blend of natural ingredients specifically to support brain health – for everyone.

And that’s how Brainworks began.

Brainworks bars

Founded in 2016 by Paul and Rich McWatt, a nutritionist, they have, so far, created three vibrant snack bars to optimise brain health, whether it’s for sports performance, exams or everyday life.

Made from natural ingredients, gluten free, high in fibre and rich in omega 3, they come in three flavours: oat, peanut and berry, seed and nut, and berry and nut.

Ultimate Digital has been proud to work with such an inspirational brand as Brainworks, which has also led to the launch of PAUL for Brain Recovery, a charity through which Paul campaigns to raise awareness and support others recovering from serious brain injury – and which has contributed directly to the opening of a specialist brain recovery centre in Hull.

We are able to digitally print the wrappers for their three premium bars on one of our HP 20000 presses in one print run.

The project was carefully colour managed to also produce matching vibrant point of sale boxes which stay in line with Brainworks’ brand colours – green, blue and red.

Ultimate Digital has been responsive to the needs of Brainworks. For example, for its launch, we were able to deliver the printed film within 10 days from the artwork being approved.

“Our partnership with Ultimate has allowed us to bring our bars to the market with amazing support throughout the work we have done together, the quality of the packaging has ensured our bars have the covering they need to be a success,” said Rich.

All of the designs were printed digitally in just one print run, which is perfect for small orders – and keeping up with demand for the most popular products, while allowing variations in designs.

We are excited to work alongside this incredible brand and watch it continually grow.

Find more about Paul’s amazing story at and the charity work at

If you are a new or small/medium brand looking for a cost-effective way to print premium packaging across a number of designs, get in touch today to get a quote.



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