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The new Outdoor Provisions energy bars that don’t cost the Earth

An all-natural energy bar with no refined sugars that is vegan and with a plastic-free wrapper – new Outdoor Provisions energy bars are as good as any bar can be, ethical and tasty!

And the team at Ultimate Digital has been delighted to work with Christian Smith and Luke Douglas, the co-founders of this new company as it developed its ethos from idea to market – using plastic-free wrapping made from compostable components that’s biodegradable.

“We started Outdoor Provisions because we believed we could make a better kind of energy bar. With stand-out flavours that were easy to digest and used packaging that didn’t cost the Earth,” said Christian.

Both spending a lot of time outdoors, they came up with the idea of all-natural energy bars for “fresh air heads”.

And because they deliver a balanced release or energy and are easy to digest, they say they are perfect for everyone from paddlers to pedallers and park runners, to ramblers, campers and twitchers.

“I’ve spent a lot of time outside and eaten a lot of energy bars that have been pretty terrible. We’re changing that,” said Luke.

And that’s when they approached us, because our digital printing capabilities are perfect for start-up businesses, small, medium or large, to take new products to market.

Digital printing does not use any plates, meaning that businesses like Outdoor Provisions can make design changes as often as they like at no extra cost, and all designs can be printed in just one run, large or small.

Starting with two flavours – Cherry Bakewell and Choc Kendal Mint Cake – which are now on sale on their website ( and select specialist outdoor-related retailers, two more are on their way: Bara Brith and Parkin.

“We genuinely think we can make better energy snacks, with stand-out flavours inspired by UK national parks,” said Christian.

“We also knew we could do more than just energy products as a company and plan to take it a lot further, all based around our ethos.”

That three-part ethos is that they:

  • Are for use outdoors, so they must be dependable, portable and tasty
  • Are provisions with a conscience, so will always be as low impact as possible, considered and progressive.
  • Enable and protect – in other words, helping Christian and Luke to do their bit towards preserving the outdoors, using profits to give back to initiatives that protect and enable it.
Outdoor Provisions
Christian Smith and Luke Douglas. Main image: Luke Douglas

So how did Ultimate Digital help the pair on their journey?

“As a small business, it’s easy to be intimidated by current packaging solutions and run lengths but Ultimate basically removed that barrier,” said Christian.

“All the team are super knowledgeable and transparent, and I feel like we have built a good working relationship quickly with the team.

“It has been absolutely painless, the expertise they have on press is incredible and it has helped us to understand other areas of our business better.

“We have not even scratched the surface with the capability of digital print, but with Ultimate’s help we have started to use more of it – we now have varying marketing copy on the back of our packaging within each flavour, instead of one per flavour.

“It’s nice to know Rachel and the team have your back and are always doing everything they can to help you out, usually over-delivering.”

And that’s exactly how we can help your business, large or small, start-up or well-established, with new launches or relaunches, so get in touch today for a no-obligation chat.



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