Digital at its Best

When an important customer like Sykes Seafood, under pressure from a major supermarket, comes calling with the request to help them deliver 2 new designs in record time, the Ultimate Digital team is who you want on your side.

Orders raised and designs approved on 9/6, the team got to work. Initial quantities of finished printed pouches were on site with Sykes for packing on 19/6. A 10 day turnaround for digitally printed and laminated Clear Seas branded packaging.

Clearly delighted Abigail Blackburn, Buyer for Sykes Seafood’s.

“Am I reading this right? Delivery today and Monday??

That is unbelievable! I’m in total shock! Wow, thank you all so much.

Of course I never expected pouches in a week and a half, only that I know you will always do your best where you can and you absolutely pulled it out the bag on this one”.

The quality and agility of digital print is unrivalled. Giving brands of all sizes the capability to launch new product ranges very quickly and the Ultimate team prides themselves in delivering what their customers need.

Sykes Seafood –