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Our unique ADAPT MAP™ technology tailor makes unique laser perforation designs to specifically suit your products respiration rates, allowing you to achieve optimal results in extending shelf-life and freshness. This advanced intelligent technology adapts to suit a wide varied range of products, Ultimate tailor make the experience to suit every different client’s needs meaning that no two designs are the same, enabling you as the customer to get the best possible outcome.

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As part of the Adapt MAP™ technology we also have a mobile respiration chamber that can be placed onsite, this tool enables you to monitor your crop in real time, with then sends data to Ultimate after just four hours to be analysed. This then allows Ultimate to be reactive in a short period of time to change the unique laser perforation designs.

Alongside this, our dedicated technical team offer full support through doing shelf-life analysis on a weekly basis to ensure optimal results are being achieved throughout the supply chain. Seasonal products are sensitive to change, therefore we produce weekly reports to make sure you are aware of every stage of the process, and what is happening.


“Natures Way Foods Ltd has worked in close collaboration with Ultimate for over a decade in providing reliable and consistent service to a wide range of UK retailers and food service businesses. The recent implementation of ADAPT MAP™ technology and dedicated technical support for both our NPD and EPD processes has enabled us to unlock the true shelf life potential of our product range, deliver leading product performance and best value to our customers and consumers”

Client: Magdalena Young, Product Manager, Nature’s Way

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