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Flexeye reduced colour printing is a technology developed and launched by Ultimate Packaging in response to customers looking for a cost effective and sustainable solution to packaging print.

The technology uses a reduced colour gamut to produce a wide range of colours and effects using flexographic print onto flexible films. The process uses high definition printing plates to ensure quality and can accurately produce over 98% of Pantone colours.

By working with Flexeye the printing process is streamlined making Flexeye flexographic printing more efficient than standard flexographic printing that typically uses 6-10 colours.

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“Flexeye has enabled us to make our packaging more sustainable, we can still get outstanding print quality while using minimal inks. Ultimate work closely with us making sure that we are able to achieve the best packaging results and low environmental impact”

Client: Darren Surry, Senior Manager – GNFR and Packaging at IPL

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