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Special Print Finishes

We offer an extensive range of special print finishes that will add a unique quality to your packaging. These professional finishes can have a huge impact on your products image.

Tactile/ Paper Effect
These print effects allow you to have a packaging format that looks and feels like paper while keeping the packaging benefits such as extending shelf life.

Soft Touch
This gives your packaging a soft feel touch, adding an extra dimension to your packaging.

Metallic Inks e.g. Gold, Silver and bronze
Can be used to boost areas of your design, making logos and graphics stand out from the crowd.

Colour Shift
Make your packaging have a real impact on the shelves, colour shift changes colour in shifting light.

Adding fluorescent colours to your design can highlight key areas and make specific images stand out from the background.

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Other Expert Techniques

We have a wide range of expertise to suit your needs. Why not have a look to see what else we do!