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Web to print

Our Smartflow system is a one of a kind, digital workflow that can help brands link consumer’s digital interactions with real-life packaging and products. The use of a complete digital workflow enables a more creative approach to packaging design, print and supply.

Smartflow can provide a digital workflow, streamlining the digital production route. There are various Smartflow elements that can be implemented dependant on a particular project, from design/artwork to approval, data transfer, supply-chain management and full traceability.

Smartflow enables:

• Personalisation / Customisation campaigns
• One of a kind & Limited Editions
• Integration with existing systems
• Option for Ecommerce and fulfilment
• An on-demand process
• Keeps data secure and provides real-time reporting

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‘It has been really great working with the Ultimate Digital team. It was clear from the start that they were experts in digital print and Smartflow and their in-house packing and distribution capability has helped Nestlé deliver probably the most complicated campaign we have attempted. The up take by customers to personalise their packs and activity on social media has been excellent but now it should start to really happen.’

Client: Stephanie Scales, Brand Manager, Nestle

Other Expert Techniques

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