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Ultimate offer a range of technically optimized films perfect for the bakery sector, aimed at locking in freshness for longer, visual clarity and shelf life extension. Our packaging formats are combined with award-winning print and colour management processes to bring you industry leading packaging solutions.

Our ADAPT MAP™ technically advanced films are designed to extend shelf-life and freshness to make sure that your fresh product reaches the customer as intended. Micro-perforations are custom designed for your product specifically, so that products such as crispy bread is kept crisp and tasty. We also offer a range of barrier and lidding films that are great solutions to keep quality retention in-store.

Packaging Formats:

  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal
  • Horizontal Flow Wrap
  • Top Web
  • Lidding Film
  • Barrier Film

Adapt MAP

Our unique ADAPT MAP™ technology tailor makes unique laser perforation designs to specifically suit your product, allowing you to achieve optimal results in extending shelf-life.

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Our Markets

Our Innovative flexible packaging solutions are perfect to fulfil the demands of each individual market sector