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Fresh Produce

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As one of the leading experts in food packaging to the fresh produce sector, we supply the latest technical innovations in flexible film. Our high-performance packaging solutions are suitable for a range of products to support you throughout the supply chain.

Focused on shelf life extension, reduced waste and extended freshness, Ultimate’s ADAPT MAP™ technology ensures that you can get the most from your product. This can be combined with our peel and reseal technology for consumer convenience and functionality.

With our state of the art technical lab, we can carry out shelf life analysis to design tailor-made perforation patterns to optimize the performance of your product.

With over 30 years of experience within the fresh produce sector, our team of expert technologists can support and advise you on the best films and formats.

Packaging Formats:

  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal
  • Horizontal Flow Wrap
  • Lidding Film
  • Pouches
  • Tray Liners
  • Single Ply Products
  • Laminates


Our unique ADAPT MAP™ technology tailor makes unique laser perforation designs to specifically suit your product, allowing you to achieve optimal results in extending shelf-life.

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Our Markets

Our Innovative flexible packaging solutions are perfect to fulfil the demands of each individual market sector