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Snacks, Nuts & Confectionery

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We can offer an extensive range of packaging formats that locks in freshness and the tempting aroma from barrier to metalized films. With our varied range of film and finishes, we can truly revolutionize your packaging to make a real impact on the shelf. We understand that this sector is very competitive and with our wide capability and expertise we can offer you the latest in technology to make sure you stay ahead of the game. All packaging formats can be combined with Ultimate’s peel and reseal technology, offering simplicity and functionality to the consumer.

Packaging Formats:

  • Horizontal Flow Wrap
  • Vertical form fill and Seal
  • Lidding Films
  • Pouches


Our unique ADAPT MAP™ technology tailor makes unique laser perforation designs to specifically suit your product, allowing you to achieve optimal results in extending shelf-life.

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Our Markets

Our Innovative flexible packaging solutions are perfect to fulfil the demands of each individual market sector