Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School business day brings out students’ creative flair for packaging design

Ultimate Packaging attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School business day, to help students design and create their own branded packaging.

The students were tasked with creating their own cupcake or cookie brand that they could bring to market.

Sally Dent, packaging technologist at Ultimate Packaging, gave a presentation on different packaging formats and the environmental considerations that needed to be thought about.

“The students had to consider the main functions of packaging and how the product and packaging came together to ensure it was fit for purpose,” said Sally.

The day brought together a wide range of different businesses from the local area, to help the students think about price, marketing and baking the product.

Sally went on to say: “It was great to see the students really thinking about how they could potentially deliver a product to market that enticed the customer and also considered environmental factors such as recyclability.”

Ultimate Packaging is passionate about working with the local community and education and hope to be a part of the business day again next year.