The Big End of Summer Beach Clean

The Ultimate Group held the ‘Big End of Summer Beach Clean’ on Cleethorpes Beach this weekend, which saw over 100 people coming together to clean up all the litter left behind by summer tourists.

The event was a collaboration between the Grimsby Institute and The Ultimate Group, a flexible packaging printer located on the Europarc in Grimsby. The beach clean brought everyone together to create awareness around the harmful implications of littering. Students from the Grimsby College drew anti-littering chalk messages, creating vibrant pictures of sealife with bold messaging saying ‘SAVE THE SEAGULLS’.

“It’s great to see everyone coming together and enjoying themselves for such a good cause, cleaning the beaches is important to make it a safe environment for everyone to use. At Ultimate we think it’s important to get involved in the community as everyone needs to play a part and help out, educating others on anti-littering and making sure that people are thinking about what they should do with packaging once it has been used” -Laura Donington Marketing Executive at the Ultimate Group.

During the day students from all different academic areas got involved from art to music, photography and film. All of the litter that has been found will be counted and anything that can be used to create art will be given to the Grimsby Institute.


Another event will be held in a few weeks’ time for the students to show their photos, films and art created from the litter.