The Future of Plastic in a Sustainable Society

The parliamentary reception held on September 10th, was hosted by Mark Pawsey MP, alongside Plastics Europe and The British Plastics Federation. The day saw an array of 162 people and 22 MP’s coming together to discuss the topic of plastic and sustainability.

The minister on the day said that the new strategy is aimed at creating a more circular economy; reduce, reuse and recycle. The strategy is not aimed at eliminating plastics but making wiser choices when it comes to the materials that we use. Plastics hold many benefits to name a few reducing food waste and have a lower carbon footprint.

There was also discussions around the plastic tax for virgin polymer. It was argued that this would run the risk of raising prices on recycled material. Phillip Law suggested that it’s important to be looking at our recycling infrastructures and investing new technology such as chemical recycling.

“It was pleasing to see that parliamentarians and civil servants have a good understanding of the issues and also the contribution that both plastics and the plastics industry bring to our country” -Jeremy Hodson, Managing Director at Ultimate Packaging.

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