UG: Sustainable films

In relation to our previous statement, and with regards to the recent communications and legislative interventions relating to plastic, Ultimate Packaging Ltd have created an easy break down table to show alternatives to current materials supplied to our customers.

As part of the EU ‘plastics strategy’ to increase the recycling rate of plastics, and to help achieve this we can offer you great alternatives to suit your company needs. The alternatives we can offer are compostable, and more widely recyclable options, that will be suitable to replace current materials used.

Even though a lot of our current material is recyclable, we have included great alternatives which will allow for more widely recyclable and compostable packaging in the UK to be used.
Options also are available to reduce the amount of plastic material consumed with options to down-gauge, and simplify existing specifications.
Often the purest solution offers the most sustainable option.

If you would like further information please contact our Sales Team to discuss your options further.

Please see the table below: