Ultimate Braved the Cold for the YMCA Humber 2019 Sleep Easy Challenge

Our amazing ultimate team braved a night in the cold to raise money for YMCA Humber. In total our team raised an astonishing £1,635.00. All the money raised goes to support all the local homeless people which will help them to get back on their feet and out of poverty.

The challenge was held at Freshney Place car park that saw over 100 people turn out in support of the charity. The event was held over 12 hours in which shelters where made and people came together in support for such an amazing cause.

“This experience was truly challenging, I am forever grateful to be able to live the life I lead and have a warm home to return to. I take my hat off to those who are on the streets, in all weathers, as they are some of the toughest people I have met” Katherine Goldsmith, Account manager at Ultimate Digital

It’s great that our employees share the same values as Ultimate, and as a company we strive to help the community in any way that we can and it’s fantastic that we can all come together to make a difference.