Ultimate Digital Get Shortlisted at the Stationers Innovation of Excellence Awards 2019

We are proud to announce that Ultimate Digital has been shortlisted for the Stationers Innovation of Excellence Award for Rutland Charcuterie.

Rutland Charcuterie is a small independent company that is one of the first to have launched an augmented reality experience on a flexible pack. The tailor-made App from Ultimate Digital has enabled Rutland Charcuterie consumers to scan the Rutland logo on all their packs, which takes them on a fun and interactive adventure. It also links consumers to different benefits e.g. recipes and product offers.

Chris Tonge, Executive Director for the Ultimate Group said that “It was a great project to deliver for Rutland Charcuterie and it will be exciting to see if it wins an award

Ultimate’s App is one of the latest innovations on the market. The App allows brands to add value to their packaging, letting them interact with consumers like never before. All of Rutland’s packs have been digitally printed which has enabled them to have short print runs which are perfect for small brands with varying quantities needed for each product.