Ultimate Packaging Holds Europarc Litter Pick to Improve Local Business Area

To end the week before Bank Holiday Ultimate Packaging brought together many of the businesses off the Grimsby Europarc to begin tackling the major litter problem.

The litter pick had a fantastic turnout which saw more than 50 people get involved from all of the different companies located on the site. Staff from Morrison’s, Two Sisters, Auto-Trail and several others, who gave up their time to help make a difference.

Marketing Executive of the Ultimate Group Laura Donington who organised the event said that

“As a company we value our environment, it is really important to us to get involved in the local community and make sure that we are a role model for other companies. It’s really great to see everyone on the Europarc getting involved and sharing the same values as ourselves”

In total the litter pick managed to collect an astonishing 520kg of litter which was picked up in only just an hour. A wide range of rubbish was found from glass, cups, bottles, cans and much more. From the event the Europarc businesses are hoping to feedback to the council what they have found, so that they can work together to come up with a solution to help reduce the litter problem.

In the future The Ultimate Group are hoping to put on more regular litter picks around the Europarc to bring everyone together, and to spread the word about Anti-littering to help make the Europarc a cleaner and safer place to work.