Ultimate Packaging Provide Work Placements for Students

Ultimate are continually working with the local community to provide work experience and opportunities to help build students business skills.

Here at Ultimate we are passionate about working with the local community, we recently took on a work placement student within our marketing and design team to show them what goes on behind the scenes. We think that this is a great opportunity to showcase some of the exciting opportunities that are available locally in Grimsby and help students to build on their personal experience too.

Ella, aged 15 who joined Ultimate’s for a week’s said that

“From the 5 days that I have been here I’ve learnt more about the company as a whole, become more confident with talking to new people and learnt different things about marketing and design. My favourite part of my experience was taking photos around the factories to then learn how to edit them in Photoshop in Sharp-Iris. I also enjoyed helping the Europarc litter pick and taking photos for that too. Overall, I have had a really exciting time here at Ultimate Packaging, thank you so much for the week and teaching me all sorts and thank you to everyone here for being so welcoming and kind”

As a business Ultimate have been working closely with a number of educational institutions, from Cannon Peter Hall Primary School to The Grimsby institute to provide valuable hands on experience.

“It’s great to be able to help develop young people’s skills sets and show them what Ultimate is all about and the opportunities that we have to offer. I feel that there are not enough placement opportunities out there, and as a company we want to make sure that this type of support is available. It would also be fantastic if we can also retain young talent within the area going forward” stated Laura Donington Marketing Executive of the Ultimate Group

At Ultimate we highly value our community and we will continue to help to provide opportunities where we can to members of the local community.