#YMCASleepEasy 2020

On February 7th team members from Ultimate Group took part in the #YMCASleepEasy to raise awareness of Youth Homelessness across the Humber.

They braved the cold, the wind and the onset of Storm Caira and slept rough so others don’t have to, spending 12 hours in Freshney Place Carpark to help raise funds to support the development of Move IN & Move ON initiatives. Many people arrive with absolutely nothing during the Move IN, besides providing accommodation and support services on site, the necessities are also provided.

When residents are ready to be independent again, the support the Move ON initiative assist residents back into independent living within the community.

There are an estimated 4,700 people sleeping rough across the country on any one night and 49% of young people become homeless due to a relationship breakdown with a parent or caregiver.

On the night the teams took part in a shelter building competition, creating some cover to help during the cold night. There was a huge effort from all involved in organising the event and from every individual that participated.

Thank you to all who has supported the Ultimate Team in the #UGSleepEasy20, and help raise a whopping £2216.99 plus £368 gift aid…. they couldn’t have done it without you!

Charlotte Thorpe, Business Development & Marketing said:

“Safe to safe it was an eye opener, a struggle with little to no sleep & the freezing temperatures made me realise just how LUCKY we are to have a warm home to return to night after night. When I got home at 6.30am I couldn’t wait to get into my bed, what I didn’t realise was how much I take for granted the walls around me that keep me safe and that I can actually LOCK my door every single night… Yet there are thousands of young adults each night sleeping out unsafe and unable to protect themselves…”


This is why The Ultimate Group will be taking part in the YMCA Humber Sleep


All proceeds go to YMCA Humber – Thank you for your continued support


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